Nick Morrow

About Nick Morrow

Nick Morrow is a court qualified expert witness in the fields of drug use, drug symptomology, field sobriety testing and DUI. He has further expertise in narcotics, drug sales and trafficking and has testified as an expert in each of these fields. Mr. Morrow has also worked as a defense investigator and licensed Private Investigator in California.

Mr. Morrow is retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. While there, he worked a variety of assignments including custody, patrol, detective, narcotics and training. During each of these assignments, he gained valuable knowledge in his fields of expertise.

Since his retirement from law enforcement in 1996, Mr. Morrow has built upon his expertise with frequent reviews of law enforcement reports, case studies, scientific research, and interviews with persons accused of drug crimes and DUI. 

Since 2002, he has reviewed hundreds of criminal and civil cases. In 2012, He was appointed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court panel of expert witnesses. Since then, he has reviewed several hundred cases as an expert and testified numerous times in Superior Courts throughout California.

Mr. Morrow has provided trainings and presentations to attorney groups, public defenders, and citizen groups on DUI, Drug Sales and Drug Policy subject matters.  

Mr. Morrow’s expertise has helped assist his many clients in defending themselves in a court of law. Additionally, collaboration with defense counsel in these cases provides them with a better command of the subject matter and allows them to better serve their clients by providing a better representation in court. 

Often, the use of an expert can reveal defenses not initially considered in the evaluation of a given case. The collaboration between expert and legal counsel can provide them with effective tools to evaluate or cross examine an opposing party’s expert in any given case.  

Nick Morrow Resume and CV

Nick Morrow CV 2018 (pdf)